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Renewable chemicals, fuels and energy from wet waste

Wet Waste

Wet biowaste, sewage sludge and many other predominantly organic wet residues can be expensive to process and dispose with existing methods. Many of these wet waste streams still have a valuable chemical, energy and mineral  content that is not yet fully recovered, due to limitations of conventional methods.

Our Offer

Bright Circular offers a more cost-effective and renewable alternative to conventional wet waste treatment and disposal methods. Our supercritical water gasification systems completely decompose wet waste and convert it into renewable chemicals, energy and water that can be discharged with minimal treatment.

For whom

Our technology enables producers of wet waste to save on waste treatment and disposal costs, to recover renewable energy and chemicals and in doing so minimize their environmental footprint. Our modular systems can be applied at (bio)waste processing plants, wastewater treatment plants and food production plants.

About us

Bright Circular develops and commercializes hydrothermal gasification systems. Our mission is to help our customers save on waste management costs and recover valuable resources. We employ proven technology, a highly skilled experienced team and continued process development to provide our customers with the best solution and service.



Hydrothermal gasification of wet waste produces renewable gas. Our technology includes the following unit operations:

Main benefits:

  • On-site sludge treatment, eliminating the need for thickening, transport and disposal.

  • On average over 50% cost reduction in processing of wet low-caloric waste streams.

  • High gas recovery (70-95%) through thermochemical conversion of organics.

  • Phosphorus and nitrogen mineral recovery possible.

  • Hygienization through thermal destruction of pathogens.



and Digestate

Biowaste includes source separated organic waste collected from residences and municipalities or organic food wastes generated from supermarkets, restaurants commercial facilities and institutions. Bright Circular systems can recover energy and chemicals from the (wet fractions of) biowaste digestate and minimize or eliminate the cost of its disposal or discharge. Valuable minerals can be recovered as feedstock for renewable fertilizer production.

Modern urban wastewater treatment plant.
Sewage and Wastewater Sludge

Current sludge disposal chains; dewatering, transporting and incinerating, landfilling or agriculture use, typically mean high investment and operational costs, offer limited or no resource recovery and can pose serious public health risks. 

Sludge can be processed with Bright Circular systems at the wastewater treatment plant. As a result, sludge management costs are drastically reduced, more energy, chemical and mineral resources are recovered and health risks are avoided.

Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry produces wet waste streams with often high concentration of organic matter that are treated or evaporated at often high  cost. Bright Circular technology is able to convert this organic matter into valuable gases while saving on treatment costs. Minerals can also be recovered from these waste streams, producing feedstock for renewable fertilizers, thus bringing nutrient resources back to the farms and food chain.



Bright Circular is a dynamic, innovative and ambitious cleantech developer. In all our activities we strive for quality and a responsible balance between people, planet and profit.


We are ambitious about the future and are always looking for talented people that could reinforce our team. We also offer internship and thesis positions on a regular basis. For applications please send us your CV (interns please add grade list) and motivation letter.



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